3 Unknown Benefits of Regular Oil Change Service

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Any car owner in this world will claim that changing the oil is the most important thing. But, at the end of the day, do they really know why auto mechanic shop Fort Lauderdale offers such service? What usually ends up taking place is that they believe their car’s oil will simply be alright for a while. They keep telling themselves that until something fails only then will they get an oil change service. It is a similar mindset people have with their health and wellness: If absolutely nothing is wrong, why go for a check-up?


The issue with this kind of attitude towards maintenance is that it destroys the vehicle at a much faster rate compared to a process where oil changes are done frequently. Most experts in auto mechanic will claim that an oil change is needed every 3,000 miles, while an air conditioning service is not as urgent.


To help you understand the importance of regular oil change service, below are 3 benefits it offers:


A Car’s Engine Needs Clean Oil Change Service

This is the most vital reason when it comes to oil change service. Imagine a human body that has blood permeating through its veins that progressively becomes dirty and blocked. Obviously, the body will not run well if blood is not flowing where it needs to. This is exactly what occurs to a car that has never undergone an oil change service in Fort Lauderdale. The oil grabs particles from the car’s interior components and drags them around as it aims to reach every compartment of the car. Normally, the car will start to run more poorly and ultimately die.

Benefits of Regular Oil Change Service

Benefits of Regular Oil Change Service

Keeps the Engine Strong

These particles collected by oil will surely create damage to the engine if left unattended for too long. Lubrication is essential for the engine to start efficiently and also operate with no drawbacks. The engine runs at a really hot temperature, and, without the proper lubrication, this heat will soon trigger deterioration of all parts. It goes without stating that engine damage is exceptionally costly and ought to be avoided at all costs. Regular oil change service can actually add years of life to the engine of the vehicle.


Oil Change Service in Fort Lauderdale Promotes Better Fuel Efficiency

The logic of this is rather simple: The cleaner the oil is the much easier it is for the car to run. As a result, the much less gas it has to burn just to get to work. This saves money on gas and limits (though just slightly) a variety of emissions being sent out into the environment.


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