5 Tips to Keep Your Tires Fort Lauderdale in Good Condition

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Every auto repair Fort Lauderdale will tell you that tires are just as important as any engine component. It contributes to your vehicle’s overall performance. Above all, it keeps you safe while driving on the road. Hence maintenance of tires Fort Lauderdale is crucial. Not only does it safeguard you, it helps in extending your tires’ life.


From rotating tires to simple tire repair methods, these tips should help you get going. Be sure to keep them in mind!

Inspect Your Fort Lauderdale Tires Always

Remember to always inspect tire pressure to ensure proper inflation. Otherwise, it could result in excess heat, unequal tire wear, and reduced braking and handling capabilities. And mind you, all of these are capable of triggering structural failings like such as tread separation and blowouts. The best practice is properly inflating tires with correct air pressure to maximize their life and performance on the road.


Tire Rotation is a Must

Keep your tires good looking

Keep your tires good looking

One of the most important things to do is to comply with proper tire rotation schedule. Suggested rotation patterns for your vehicle can be located in your owner’s manual. Tire rotations adjust and improve front-to-rear and side-to-side tire wear. Keep in mind that this will not prevent or circumvent wear problems caused by worn mechanical components.


Importance of Well-Balanced Fort Lauderdale Tires

Well-balanced tires Fort Lauderdale is quite crucial and necessary. If your tires are out of balance, you can easily identify them in in bumps and when you are driving in higher speeds. This practice is required during initial installation and during a remount.


When Installing New Tires

If you plan to install new tires Fort Lauderdale, be sure to do it in either sets or pairs. The addition of one new tire to the rotation cycle can trigger instability and cause vehicle handling issues. So, as much as possible, you need to stick with either a set or pair of tires installation.


Notice Those Tire Wear

As a car owner, you should always be mindful of abnormal tire wear and/or damage to your tires. Watch for signs of punctures, embedded items, cracks, and bulges. It is better to be sure than sorry. Just remember this: Prevention is better than cure.

Be sure to take these suggestions into consideration when servicing your tires. If you want to learn more about tires in Fort Lauderdale, contact us at Empire Auto Care now. We would certainly love to set up an appointment with you. Give us a call now!


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