Tire Care and Safety Ideas

Safety tips for Tire

The safety of everyone in a vehicle depends on the tires that connect the vehicle to the road. There is a direct impact on the vehicle when its tires have problems. It becomes difficult to handle the vehicle and everyone onboard are at a risk.

To keep the driver and passengers safe, tires must be in top working condition. Below are the tips to be safe with your tires: Read More

3 Points to Consider When Finding an Auto Repair Shop

Empire auto care Car Services Repair

Every car owner always searches for a trusted auto repair shop they can trust with their car. Just like you would find a doctor you can trust with your health and life, finding a trusted and professional automobile shop is crucial to your vehicle’s performance, efficiency, and your safety. Right before your develops a fault, it is expedient to have found an expert to save the day.
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Transmission service discount 2017

Get $15 Off with this Transmission Service discount in Fort Lauderdale. Offer valid through December 31, 2017. Offer valid for BG Services only. One coupon per person. Not valid with various other specials and offers.

Save $15 off – Transmission Service Discount for 2017

For lots of cars and truck driver, transmissions are just one of the most ignored and also commonly forgotten components of a vehicle. Why? We’ve been educated to change our oil, change our spark plugs, change our windscreen wipers, and so on, however, we often fail to remember to see the transmission up until the automobile breaks down. Read More

How to Prevent a Breakdown

These Fort Lauderdale car maintenance tips can help you prevent a breakdown. Learn about these top car maintenance tips from a top Fort Lauderdale auto repair shop. Carrying out easy preventative maintenance on your car will go a long way towards protecting your automobile financial investment, states the non-profit Vehicle Care Council.

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Identifying the Signs of Vehicle Engine Damage

How to identify vehicle engine damage. This guide is for Fort Lauderdale drivers to help them know when there is damage to their vehicle’s engine and when it needs to get fixed. It’s not always simple to know when your automobile is experiencing engine damage. As signs can be neglected and viewed as “typical.” While not all noises and smells might threaten the life of your engine, there are some apparent warning signs that require a vehicle assessment immediately, which we at Empire Auto Care can help with if you need a professional assessment.

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Fort Lauderdale Car Maintenance Tips

Learn how to keep your car clean. This can help boost resell value, improve your driving experience, and prevent costly repairs.   Acquiring a brand-new automobile is a major financial investment. Keeping it tidy is a simple and affordable way to protect its resale and trade-in value, says Empire Auto Care. Fort Lauderdale auto mechanic services company.

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