Brake Repair Services, a Crucial Part of an Automobile Repairs

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Brakes are a crucial safety feature of any vehicle. A large number of automobile accidents is linked to brakes problems. As a result, it is important to make brake repairs an indispensable part of your scheduled maintenance or vehicular repairs. Immediately you notice problems with your car’s brakes, contact an auto repair shop Fort Lauderdale for a proper diagnosis to ensure that accurate repair procedures can be done.

When taking your car to an auto repair shop, make sure that the shop has relevant certificates and permits to prove that they have the expertise needed to get the job done properly. Taking your car to a certified shop like Empire Auto Care gives an assurance that your car’s brake problems will be fixed perfectly in no time.

Brake Repair Services

  1. Brake Warping

Brake warping is a change in the shape of the brakes due to excessive heating and uneven cooling caused when brake pads are pressed onto the vehicle’s rotor for a long time. The effect of warping of brakes is that they would not provide even braking power again.

Besides, the car’s rotor disk gets damaged whenever the brakes are applied. This will cause an uneven wear and tear and it is the major cause of automobile accidents.

Brake Repair Services

Brake Repair Services

  • Scoring

Scoring happens when a car’s brake pads are not replaced on schedule. Since the car’s brakes are already worn out, it is the metal plates where the pads are attached that will be coming in contact with the rotor.

Although a moderate brake damage may not affect the major functioning of a car’s brakes, a continuous damage and excessive scoring is dangerous. Replacement of brake pads on time is the solution to this scenario.


Signs of Brake Problems

Below are the signs that indicate that you should take your car to an auto repair shop for brake repairs or servicing:

      1. Squeaking sounds – an indication that the brakes are getting too hot
      2. Brake pedal feeling soft – a sign that there is a fluid leak or air in the brake lines
      3. Vehicle pulling to one side when it stops – a sign of worn linings or stuck caliper pistons
      4. A grinding or rubbing noise from the brakes – a symptom that brake pads are totally worn out

When you hear squealing sounds when brake pedals are applied or you notice vibration, you should go straight to your auto repair shop. For brake repairs in Fort Lauderdale Florida, contact Empire Auto Care at for routine maintenance, master cylinder repair, brake line replacement, and more.


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