3 Points to Consider When Finding an Auto Repair Shop

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Every car owner always searches for a trusted auto repair shop they can trust with their car. Just like you would find a doctor you can trust with your health and life, finding a trusted and professional automobile shop is crucial to your vehicle’s performance, efficiency, and your safety. Right before your develops a fault, it is expedient to have found an expert to save the day.
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Identifying the Signs of Vehicle Engine Damage

How to identify vehicle engine damage. This guide is for Fort Lauderdale drivers to help them know when there is damage to their vehicle’s engine and when it needs to get fixed. It’s not always simple to know when your automobile is experiencing engine damage. As signs can be neglected and viewed as “typical.” While not all noises and smells might threaten the life of your engine, there are some apparent warning signs that require a vehicle assessment immediately, which we at Empire Auto Care can help with if you need a professional assessment.

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Fort Lauderdale Car Maintenance Tips

Learn how to keep your car clean. This can help boost resell value, improve your driving experience, and prevent costly repairs.   Acquiring a brand-new automobile is a major financial investment. Keeping it tidy is a simple and affordable way to protect its resale and trade-in value, says Empire Auto Care. Fort Lauderdale auto mechanic services company.

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Importance of preventative maintenance


Find out about the importance of preventative maintenance in Fort Lauderdale. This can help you save money on repairs and future vehicle maintenance.

What is the importance of preventative maintenance?

No matter what type of automobile you own, the significance of preventative maintenance is definitely necessary. The team at Empire Auto Care feels that responsible automobile owners need to be very mindful of preventive upkeep. Our highly experienced automobile mechanics are happy to examine your vehicle to see if any repair work need to be done to avoid breakdowns, dangerous situations on the roadway, and large expenses down the line.

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Vehicle’s Air Conditioning System is Summer Ready in Fort Lauderdale

The summer is here and so is the South Florida heat. We all hope for more sunny days in Fort Lauderdale, good weather, and fun at the beach. You may be planning a vacation and lots of road trips during the summer, know that your air conditioning system will overwork; and it is not a pleasant experience to be traveling in the summer heat with a broken A/C. So, you should make sure that your vehicle’s air conditioning system is in a top functional state to enjoy the summer months. Nobody wants a sweaty backside from the dreaded broken vehicle ac. So here are some tips to help you avoid problems with your ac unit.  Read More

Fuel Economy Tips for Summer Driving in South Florida

With the summer here, we, at Empire Auto Care, have put together fuel economy tips for summer driving in South Florida based on our professional and practical experience. Here are the tips:

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