Fort Lauderdale’s Most Common Car Repairs During The Summer

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The summer is usually busier than the fall, spring, or winter for most families because of all the fun summer activities they undertake. Most families go on road trips, family visits, the beach, and camping to enjoy the nice weather and all these wear on the car. With the summer around the corner, you need to schedule a visit to Empire Auto Care in Fort Lauderdale for a comprehensive check and any needed car repair so that your summer plans do not fall apart due to surprise car breakdowns and for your safety.

As part of the preparation for the summer, you should know the major causes of breakdowns and car repair in Fort Lauderdale. From experience, here are the most common reasons cars are brought to us at Empire Auto Care during the summer:

  1. Overheated Engine:

    Due to the higher temperature outside the car, the car works extra hard to keep the engine cool. For some cars, more coolant can help to prevent overheating while others experience frequent overheating. Meanwhile, there could be a serious underlying cause; so, you are advised to visit a mechanic to get it fixed.

  2. Air Conditioner Problems:

    Also, because of high temperatures, the car’s A/C has to work rigorously to give you the temperature you want. During other seasons, the defects in your A/C may not be noticed due to cooler temperature all around but at once noticed during summer. Do not get to the middle of your road trip to find out that your A/C needs cleaning or more Freon. Get it checked right ahead of time and if it has broken down, contact us at Fort Lauderdale for car repair. See our current A/C diagnoses and recharge special on our Fort Lauderdale auto repair specials page.

  3. Battery Problems:

    Car batteries dislike the summer heat more than the cold winter because heat can cause the battery fluid to evaporate, which can cause internal damage. To prevent your battery from dying in the middle of a journey, check for signs that can show that your battery needs a replacement-

  4. sluggish or slow:

    cranking of the car engine (taking a long time to start)

  5. Age: the battery may be at the end of its usefulness

  6. physical signs such as bad battery smell, low battery fluid, and deformed appearance.

  7. Tire Problems:

    Increasing temperatures mean rising pressures. If the tires stay over-inflated as you drive on hot roads, more stress will be put on the tires as they will be forced to flex more; thus, increasing the chances of having a blowout. As a prevention, make sure that your tires are inflated correctly and checked every time you drive.

For safety and best car performance during the summer, it is a great idea to visit Empire Auto Care for car repair before the summer starts or at least before you experience signs of car trouble mentioned above. We are at 5317 S Powerline Rd, Fort Lauderdale, Florida – 33309 USA. Call us at 954-541-5105 for a quote on getting your car fixed.

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