Fuel Economy Tips for Summer Driving in South Florida

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With the summer here, we, at Empire Auto Care, have put together fuel economy tips for summer driving in South Florida based on our professional and practical experience. Here are the tips:

  1. Engine Oil Quality:

    Follow your vehicle’s guideline for regular oil changes. This will help you to save money because old engine oil will negatively affect your fuel economy and the vehicle’s health.

  2. Avoid Bad Driving Habits:

    Speeding up and braking harshly will affect your fuel economy besides not being a safe driving practice. Learn gentler driving habits – it increases the vehicle’s fuel economy.

  3. Extra Luggage:

    Unless you have a plan for extra luggage, get it out of your car – the lighter the car, the less work the engine has to do; and it will increase the fuel economy.

  4. Avoid Cruise Control:

    Although setting the cruise control helps to limit speed, it can affect the car’s fuel economy because not all roads are smooth for constant speed. Be in control by driving carefully and smoothly and you will save money on fuel.

  5. Tires:

    Ensure that your tire pressure is up to par and that all tires are uniform (all season or summer tires) for the best traction – they decide your car’s efficiency.

  6. Traffic:

    The slow, start-and-go pace of heavy traffic is one of the worst things for your car’s fuel economy. Take an alternative route that is less busy, even if longer, it is better. Use the GPS that shows where there is traffic to avoid it.

  7. Use A/C Wisely:

    Using A/C uses up the energy provided by your fuel; so, use it economically. During the summer, run the A/C if it is very hot outside but roll up the windows. You can use a sun visor for the front window to keep the car cool while it is parked; so, your A/C will not have to work hard to cool the car down again.

  8. Vehicle Choice:

    The type of your vehicle determines if it is suitable for a quick trip to the grocery store. Choose the right vehicle for a trip is one of the best fuel economy tips.

  9. Car Care:

    This is the last of the fuel economy tips for summer driving in South Florida. Make sure that your engine is in a top fictional state and is well cared for. Be alert to strange smells and clanking sound from under the hood, and get them attended to before embarking on a vacation. Check out our car repair specials page for the latest AC repair and diagnosis and car repair coupons.

Come to Empire Auto Care at 5317 S Powerline Rd, Fort Lauderdale, Florida – 33309 USA to verify your vehicle’s road worthiness for efficiency and fuel economy. At Empire Auto Care, we care for your car.

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