Tire Care and Safety Ideas

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The safety of everyone in a vehicle depends on the tires that connect the vehicle to the road. There is a direct impact on the vehicle when its tires have problems. It becomes difficult to handle the vehicle and everyone onboard are at a risk.

To keep the driver and passengers safe, tires must be in top working condition. Below are the tips to be safe with your tires:

  1. Pressure

The tire pressure should be checked regularly because tires lose air over time. Before going on a long road trip, check the pressure and twice a month. Read the owner’s manual for inflation pressure data or on the sticker inside the driver’s door. Ensure that the car has cooled off before checking the air pressure; you get the most accurate reading when the tires are cool.

Under-inflated tires suffer irregular wear and in most cases lead to loss of control and serious accidents. So, air your tires to the right pressure.

Safety tips for Tire from Empire Auto Care

Safety tips for Tire from Empire Auto Care

  • Alignment

Vehicles go out of alignment after hitting a pothole or curb and this results in uneven tread wear and a damage to the tires. There could be a shake or pull as a result of alignment issues.

Contact an auto repair shop to have your vehicle’s alignment checked and fixed.

  • Rotation

Regular tire rotation makes tires last longer, having a uniform and even wear. Some technicians advise tire rotation every 5,000 to 7,000 miles. For details about a particular vehicle, you can get more information from the owner’s manual. A car could develop a vibration felt on the steering wheel as a result of a loss of weight balance. Take the car to your technician for tire rotation and balance.

  • Tread

The tire tread depth and wear should also be checked when inspecting your car tires. Weak tread and hard wear reduce the ability to grip the road during adverse weather conditions. Examine the tires to some parts are curiously smooth, low or high. Use a penny to check the tread.

Compared to buying new tires, tire maintenance is relatively cheap. Tires are crucial to the safety of any vehicle on the road because safety features such as antilock brakes, stability and traction control will not work properly without a good set of tires. Take care of your tires and you take care of all occupants of the vehicle.

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