Vehicle’s Air Conditioning System is Summer Ready in Fort Lauderdale

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The summer is here and so is the South Florida heat. We all hope for more sunny days in Fort Lauderdale, good weather, and fun at the beach. You may be planning a vacation and lots of road trips during the summer, know that your air conditioning system will overwork; and it is not a pleasant experience to be traveling in the summer heat with a broken A/C. So, you should make sure that your vehicle’s air conditioning system is in a top functional state to enjoy the summer months. Nobody wants a sweaty backside from the dreaded broken vehicle ac. So here are some tips to help you avoid problems with your ac unit. 

How to Make Sure Your Vehicle’s Air Conditioning System is Summer Ready in Fort Lauderdale

  1. Clean or Change Your Filter:

    Check your vehicle’s air conditioning system filters, clean or change it when it becomes dirty because the A/C will work harder to cool the interior of your vehicle. You need to clean or change your filter if there is no steady rise in the cooling of the car from the lowest setting to full blast or if the air is damp, moldy, or smells.

  2. Ensure the Outdoor Unit Is Clean:

    The condenser, the outdoor extension of your vehicle’s air conditioning system, should be free from any kind of blockages such as dirt, plants, or debris. The materials can clog and damage the system and make it run less efficiently. Turn off the thermostat before cleaning the outdoor unit.

To check for blockages in the outdoor unit, turn off the radio and listen to the air coming from the vents for a whistling or rattling sound or strange noises.

  1. Clean the Indoor Ductwork:

    This is best done by a professional. The condensation could cause moisture to accumulate in the air duct, which can damage the vehicle’s air conditioning system and cause fungus and mold to grow. Contact us for the repair works.

  2. Check the Fan Belts:

    Your vehicle’s air conditioning system also has fan belt. Inspect the fan belts regularly and replace any damaged belt with one that matches it for your A/C to be working at peak efficiency.

  3. Check for Leaks:

    Check if there are any leaks throughout the car, including under the hood, inside the cabin, and beneath the car. Losing Freon or moisture getting into the A/C vents can have a serious impact on the vehicle.

  4. Visit a Professional:

    Take your car to a vehicle AC professional for a comprehensive inspection. They will tell you if something is wrong and fix any problem they discover to get your vehicle ready for the Fort Lauderdale summer heat.

  5. Save time and Money:

    Look for a vehicle air condition diagnoses and recharge special to save money on having a professional ensure your ac system is top notch. If you need one now see our Fort Lauderdale auto repair specials page to get our latest AC special.

Contact Empire Auto Care at 5317 S Powerline Rd, Fort Lauderdale, Florida – 33309 USA or call us at 954-541-5105 to get your vehicle’s air conditioning system ready for the summer in Fort Lauderdale.

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