What is Fort Lauderdale Synthetic Oil Change and What Are Its Benefits?

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Most car enthusiasts by now realize that synthetic oil change is much better compared to standard oil. But why is synthetic far better? Why do most shops that offer auto repair Fort Lauderdale recommend it? Standard and synthetic oils both start as crude oil which is extracted directly from the ground.


What is Synthetic Oil Change?

Synthetic oil change is improved, as is conventional oil. However, the former is more purified and distilled. After which, it is reduced to its standard particle form. The whole process is designed to remove more impurities and entails thorough molecule modifications, allowing the synthetic oil to meet the needs of today’s greater performance and the need for a more effective engine run.


Below are some of the top benefits this type of car oil offers:

1. Offers Better Protection Against Wear

The inner parts of your engine are continuously moving at high speeds as well as remain in consistent contact with each other. In this severe interior engine setting, the motor oil is the only protective layer between the inner engine parts. Conventional motor oils have the tendency to damage down faster, shedding their capability to avoid engine wear. On the other hand, artificial electric motor oils will keep their wear security residential or commercial properties for much longer, consequently enhancing the life of your engine.


2. A Cleaner Running Engine

When the electric motor oil is circulating in the engine, it is picking up pollutants. In time, conventional oils are understood to form sludge. The latter, as described by oil change Fort Lauderdale shops, will certainly decrease the engine’s efficiency and thus, at some point, decrease the life of your engine. But this is not the case with a synthetic oil change. It stands up to the formation of sludge much better because it contains less natural pollutants compared to traditional oils.


3. Synthetic Oil Change Offers Better Protection In High Temperatures

The heat inside your engine will trigger traditional motor oils to break down over time. Synthesized oils are particularly designed to withstand this kind of heat level. This resistance to high temperatures is useful in all environments but actually comes into play in hotter areas.


4. Gives Engine a Much Better Flow in Cold Temperatures

When your vehicle has been parked for a certain period of time, the electric motor oil settles primarily in the oil frying pan. When you start the engine, oil begins to stream in crucial engine parts. Traditional electric motor oils take much longer to move efficiently through the engine when cold. But with synthetic oil, your engine can effectively run its engine even in cold temperatures. This quicker oil flow enables the oil to start shielding your engine immediately after start.


Want to know more about the benefits of synthetic oil change in Fort Lauderdale? Come and pay us a visit at Empire Auto Care. Our experts are more than willing to assist and answer your inquiries. Give us a call today!

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