Why Oil Change Service in Fort Lauderdale is Beneficial to Your Car

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Getting routine oil change service is the absolute thing that you can do to prolong the life of your vehicle as well as prevent the possibility of breakdowns and auto repair Fort Lauderdale. As part of regular upkeep, oil change is vital in keeping your vehicle running smoothly.

To help you better understand the importance of oil change service to your car, check out the benefits it offers. Keep them in mind!


1. Fort Lauderdale Oil Change Service Offers Better Engine Performance

Oil change service assists in keeping the interior moving parts of your engine clean and well-lubricated. This allows for a smoother, quieter trip.


2. Keeps Dust and Other Particles From Accumulating

Old oil has a specific amount of debris and dirt in it, both of which could damage parts of your engine. This is where oil change in Fort Lauderdale can help you big time. The process simply helps maintain this unpleasant stuff out of your engine, as well as protect its essential parts from further damage. The higher the quality of the oil, the cleaner your engine will certainly be.


Oil Change Service

Oil Change Service

3. Gives Your Car Better Gas Mileage

Who on Earth does not want to achieve better gas mileage? By enhancing lubrication, new and clean oil decreases friction that can slow down your engine and have you visit the gas station more often. Give importance to oil change and you will definitely experience its benefits later on.


4. Fort Lauderdale Oil Change Service Results in Less Hazardous Emissions

Older cars occasionally shed old, filthy oil, triggering an excess of toxic engine discharges. Fresh oil is much less likely to burn and is even better able to absorb fragments, making your vehicle pollute a lot less.


5. Expands Car’s Engine Life

Your car will last much longer if it undergoes oil change maintenance on a regular basis. Keep in mind, too, that is the best method to lube and protect your engine, maintaining important parts without damaging debris, enhancing performance, and protect it against one of the most typical causes for engine wear or breakdown. To save you time – and a lot of headaches – do not miss a single oil change schedule. It is, without a doubt, a great financial investment for you and your car.


If you are looking to have your car serviced by a professional oil change service in Fort Lauderdale, look no further than Empire Auto Care. Our team of experts will assist you all the way, making sure that your car is in its tip-top condition. Contact us now!

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