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Are you looking for Fuel Injector Cleaning in Fort Lauderdale?

Save money with the #1 Fort Lauderdale fuel injector cleaning service. Empire Auto Care is an auto repair shop in Fort Lauderdale that offers:

Dealership Quality at Unbeatable Prices

Fuel Injector Cleaning in Fort Lauderdale

Fuel Injector Cleaning in Fort Lauderdale

We offer all types of Fort Lauderdale fuel injector cleaning services and can help ensure your vehicle has the best parts, service, and price for your fuel injector cleaning needs. Visit our car repair and maintenance page for maintenance advice, or see our Fort Lauderdale wheel alignment service page to help with alignment issues or our Fort Lauderdale oil change service page or specials page for specials on auto repair in Fort Lauderdale.

Here’s What Makes Fuel Injector Cleaning in Fort Lauderdale Important to Every Vehicle Owner

The primary purpose of the fuel injector system in your car is to help in reducing fuel consumption. In such a short span of time, vehicles with fuel injectors have gotten more and more in demand, thanks to their superior performance. In fact, they have managed to oust the old models of vehicles with carburettor engines.

As a vehicle owner, an efficient fuel injector cleaning Fort Lauderdale can mean a lot for to you and your beloved car. So, why do you need this service then?

Outstanding Engine Performance and how our Fort Lauderdale fuel injector cleaning helps

Clogged fuel injectors can lead to different problems which can have a negative impact on the overall performance of a vehicle’s engine. Due to the irregular supply of fuel, the engine can fluctuate between high and low RPMs, delivering chunks of power. It results in abrupt engine power. Likewise, if the fuel supply to the engine stops all of a sudden, misfires can take place. Periodic maintenance provides maximum power to the engine to guarantee longevity and reliability. Keep reading to find out why you need efficient combustion.

Efficient Combustion

An adequate amount of fuel and proper spray pattern are important for efficient fuel combustion. Therefore, a clogged injector will not just restrict the flow of fuel but it can also disrupt the spray pattern. A fuel injector’s opening is very small and even a tiny buildup of deposits will impact its functionality. Resulting in power loss, starting issues and lean misfire are among the symptoms of having a clogged injector. For an efficient and clean combustion, a periodic and regular fuel injector cleaning in Fort Lauderdale is essential.

Good Mileage

Every time it gets clogged, the engine’s control module tries adjusting to the flow of fuel. Which often leads to excessive fuel consumption. Power loss while accelerating the car, rough idling and engine misfire together with sputtering noise are among the signs of a faulty or leaky fuel injector. That’s why for a good mileage, keeping the fuel injector clean is highly imperative.

Reduced Emissions

A clean and healthy fuel injector usually produces fuel vapor mist of cone shape while a clogged injector will create streamers of the liquid fuel which burns and vaporizes poorly. It can result in increased emissions.

Now that you know the importance of having fuel injector cleaning in Fort Lauderdale. Here are some ways that you can do to keep it clean in between visits. First of all, you have to make use of high-quality fuel. Various brands have different blends formulated to prevent or reduce fuel debris which builds up in the injectors. Instead of using low-quality gasoline with additives, you can opt for high-quality blends of gasoline which have detergents that help in preventing the deposits.

But of course, the best method is to have it regularly cleaned by professionals at Empire Auto Care. This way, you can be sure that your fuel injector and your car as a whole is going to get the pampering, care and attention that it needs for it to run in the most efficient way possible.

Check out our amazing BG Services under the page gasoline fuel services to find out how our fuel injector cleaning additives can greatly improve your vehicle.

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