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Are you looking for car air conditioning services in Fort Lauderdale?

If your looking for car air conditioning services in Fort Lauderdale then you have come to the right place. Save money with the #1 Fort Lauderdale car air conditioning service. Empire Auto Care is an auto repair shop in Fort Lauderdale that offers:

Dealership Quality at Unbeatable Prices

We offer all types of Fort Lauderdale auto repair services. We can help ensure your vehicle has the best parts, service, and price for your brake repair needs. Visit our brake service and brake pads page for brakes, or see our Fort Lauderdale wheel alignment service page to help with alignment issues. Visit our car repair and maintenance in Fort Lauderdale page for general maintenance advice.


In Fort Lauderdale, a properly working air conditioner is vital to keeping your car comfortable all year round. Car air conditioning systems are now equipped in the majority of vehicles. A vehicle without air conditioning can be a sweaty and uncomfortable ride. A properly working air conditioning keeps you and everybody else in the vehicle comfortable and cools all the way to your destination.

Car Air Conditioning Services in Fort Lauderdale

Car Air Conditioning Services in Fort Lauderdale

That’s what we can provide you. Empire Auto Care’s air conditioning services in Fort Lauderdale are both cost effective and long lasting.

When you need car air conditioning services:

Most people rely heavily on this feature every day during the hot summer months. Usually, air conditioning units are dependable and are subject to few issues. However, that does not mean that there will never be issues. Or that there will not come a time when your car’s air condition system needs some sort of service. It is no different in that respect to the car motor.  You may need to be serviced periodically in just the same way.

Common issues that require Car Air Conditioning Service

Two common issues seem to affect car air conditioning systems more than others. Sometimes air conditioning systems will blow no cold air or very little. Other times they may blow out too much. These two malfunctions are very annoying but neither means that you have a major air conditioning system failure. However, each of these issues will have to be corrected and the source of the fault will need to be traced.

What makes up your car air conditioning system?

The air conditioning system in a car is made up of six major parts. These parts are the compressor, the condenser, the evaporator, the receiver drier, the expansion valve, and the refrigerant itself. Learning how all of these pieces connect with each other will help you comprehend your air conditioning system and any issues you might find.

Air Conditioning Ft Lauderdale

Air Conditioning Ft Lauderdale

The compressor is possibly the most important part and consequently, it is also the most expensive. The compressor runs the entire air conditioning system and is driven by a belt attached to the motor. As it runs, the compressor injects cold vapors from the refrigerant into the condenser. The vapor is then converted into a liquid and then sent to the receiver drier. The receiver drier behaves as a holding cell for the liquid refrigerant and eliminates excess moisture from the refrigerant.


Liquid refrigerant is then pumped through the expansion valve where all of the pressure is eliminated. This permits the refrigerant to return into a vapor before it goes to the evaporator. The evaporator vaporizes the refrigerant and soaks up all the heat from the car’s passenger cabin. Once the heat is eliminated, the cold air is blown through the passenger compartment using a ventilator.

What if my car air condition system is only blowing to a few vents?

If your car’s air conditioning system is blowing too much cold air to just one or a few vents. There is possibly a blockage somewhere in the system that is forcing more air than normal out of all vents upstream from the blockage. An air conditioning system that is not blowing enough cold air generally has a leak somewhere in the system. Encountering these defects quickly is essential to keep your car’s air conditioning system.

Cost to fix a broken car air conditioning system?

The air conditioning systems used inside most cars are very complicated.  Made up of a system of interconnected parts. Because of this difficulty, it can be quite costly to have it repaired.

More often than not, it is easier and less expensive to repair a car’s air conditioning system at the first sign of a problem. Rather than avoiding the issue and permitting it to degenerate into a much costlier repair later on. If your experiencing issues now then it is advisable to take your car to a auto repair shop and to have the issue diagnosed by specialists.  At Empire Auto Care, we offer car air conditioning services in Fort Lauderdale and can advising you of the best actions to take.


Make sure you service your car air conditioning system regularly to ensure proper function. Don’t be inconvenienced by unexpected breakdowns. Make sure you head off any issues before they occur. Look after your car and it will look after you.

Ask about our special car air conditioning services in Fort Lauderdale next time you visit.

We can diagnose the problem through a series of checks that we perform. While some issues can be easy to fix, others can be more difficult to find and solve. We use special equipment including dyes to check for air conditioning leaks which can be hard to find because they are virtually invisible. So, what are you waiting for? Come to visit us, Empire Auto Care can help you solve your problems with car air conditioning. You will love our car air conditioning services in Fort Lauderdale.

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