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Muffler Shop: Exhaust and Muffler Repair in Fort Lauderdale

As a muffler shop we know that two often ignored, but important parts, of the vehicle’s mechanical system is the exhaust and muffler systems. These two systems work together to help a car run at peak efficiency and performance. The exhaust system is a tubing system that takes exhaust gases created by the engine and guides them out the back of the vehicle. Typically, an exhaust system will have some of the following systems:

  • A muffler
  • A catalytic converter
  • A turbo charger
  • A cylinder head/exhaust manifold

The exhaust system ensures toxic exhaust fumes stay out of your car cabin and works to make your engine run correctly. It also helps give you the best possible fuel efficiency and cuts emissions that pollute the air. If you see a check engine light or think you might have muffler or exhaust problems contact us at our Fort Lauderdale Auto Repair Shop.

Muffler Shop Talk – Understanding Your Muffler and Exhaust System



Listed below are some common issues that can occur in your vehicle’s exhaust system. Read on to better understand how your muffler and entire exhaust system works.

  1. Keeping Your Exhaust Pipe Maintained

The exhaust pipe plays a key role in diverting exhaust fumes out of your engine, which in turn keeps your vehicle running smoothly. Built-up exhaust fumes can ultimately cause engine deterioration, which makes it important to have your exhaust pipe regularly inspected at a professional muffler shop.

  1. If You Hear a Vibration

If you hear vibrating when your car is running or if it experiences a loss of power, bring it in for a free exhaust inspection. Let the shop know where you noticed the vibration coming from: the steering wheel, operating pedals, or even the seat. This symptom could be a result of a hole, disconnected part, or a leak in the exhaust system. The problem may or may not include a rumbling sound – that depends on the size of the damaged area. The vibrations are not just signaling a problem with the muffler or exhaust… they are also signals that your motor is likely not performing at peak levels.

  1. A Failing or Failed Catalytic Converter

The catalytic converter is the most costly part of your exhaust system. If your catalytic converter begins to fail, you will hear loud sounds. A failing catalytic converter sounds like someone shaking a metal box filled with pennies while your car is in idle. You may also notice your check engine light is illuminated.

  1. Increase in Exhaust Volume

A deep rumbling noise coming out of your exhaust pipe is an obvious signal that you have a muffler or exhaust issue. Having it repaired quickly is the best option. Delaying needed muffler or exhaust repairs causes other exhaust and engine problems that make repairs more expensive.

  1. Decrease in Fuel Efficiency

If you notice your regular fill-ups aren’t getting you as far as they used to, take your car to a local service center for an inspection. As with vibrations, loss of fuel efficiency might be a sign of a car exhaust system problem. Exhaust leaks makes your motor work harder, which requires more gas.

Why is it important to get muffler and exhaust service for my vehicle?

Maintaining your muffler and exhaust system not only helps to minimize engine noise, it helps protect you and others from dangerous carbon monoxide and/or carbon dioxide fumes and helps reduce pollutants released into the atmosphere. Your emissions system:

  • Directs harmful engine-exhaust gases away from the inside of your vehicle
  • Reduces pollutants released into the atmosphere
  • Minimizes engine-exhaust noises


How often should I get my exhaust system checked at the muffler shop?

First of all, we recommends having your exhaust system checked out at least once a year. Because this makes it easy for you (and everyone around you) to tell when your muffler needs repair

Furthermore, it is possible for your emissions system can have other more serious problems. These are not so obvious to detect.

Pinholes, stuck valves, loose brackets, and catalytic converter malfunctions in your exhaust system could allow deadly carbon monoxide to leak into your vehicle

Our Latest Exhaust Repair Services

Our exhaust repair services and seasonal specials make it affordable to have your repairs performed by a professional mechanic. Visit us in our Fort Lauderdale shop to find current exhaust system repair deals.

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