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Empire Auto Care offers brand new tires at a price you can afford! With brand name tires in stock, we can help you decide which tires are best for your vehicle. There are many factors to consider when purchasing tires. Such as warranty, tread design, performance, and much more. We are experts in tires and suspension, speak with one of our service advisors today for pricing and more information.


Everyone knows the old penny tire check. Put a penny head down into your tires tread, if you see the entire head of Abraham Lincoln, your tires have less than 2/32 of an inch of tread. This means your tires are not gripping the road properly and can make your vehicle more prone to an accident. It is also recommended to replace your tires if they are 5 years old. This is because the rubber dries up, and will not grip the road properly, especially in rainy conditions. Also if you see bubbles, steel threads, or rubber separation on a tire this is also an indication that it is time to replace your tires. We offer free tire and brake inspections, speak with one of our service advisors today to schedule an appointment.


When you buy a new set of tires it is highly recommended to get an alignment. This ensures your tires will wear evenly and last as long as possible. In addition, be sure to check your tire pressure often to ensure your tires last a long time. Also if your car drifts to one side or your steering wheel is crooked while driving straight this is a good indication that your wheels are out of alignment. Your alignment can be knocked off by hitting a deep pothole or hitting the curb. You should also check your tires to see if there is uneven wear, such as the tread being worn along edges. This another sign of an alignment issue. It’s a good idea to have your alignment checked once a year, such as when you have your tires rotated.

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